marcelo palacios

(abreviated curriculum)


  • -Medical doctor, specialised in General Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery in Germany, Sweden and Swiss (1962 to 1968).
  • -Professor of the International School of Medical Sophrology.
  • -Head of the Service of Accidents in the Hospital of Jove, Gijón (Spain), from 1969 to 1971, and of the Service of Serious Burned, plastic and hand Surgery, that created.
  • -Beginning and direction of the Service of accidents of the Catalonia Clinic and the Clinic of the Carmen, of Gijón (Spain) from 1969 to 1973.
  • -Creator and medical Director of the Sport Clinic (1972 to 1979) of the Polisportive Society “Group of Culture Covadonga” (Gijón, Spain).
  • -Medical Director of the Polyclinic (House of the Sea) of the Social Institute of Marine, Gijón (Spain)
  • -Regional Medical inspector by opposition (nº 1), from 1978 to 1983 and from February of 1996 to November 2000.


  • -Founder of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI) and Director of the SIBI Journal(spanish-english).
  • -Within the Spanish Parliament (Socialist Representative 1982-1995): See Political Parlamientary Activities.
  • President of the following bodies:
    • Assisted Reproduction Commission.
    • Scientific Research and Technological Development Commission.
    • Parliamentary Bioethics Committee.
  • Member of:
    • Health Commission.
    • Drugs Commision.
    • Women Commisión.
  • Author and rapporteur of the following Proposal of Laws or Bills (adopted):
    • Techniques of Assisted Reproduction (Law 35/88).
    • Use of Human Embryos and Foetuses (Law 42/88).
    • Creation of a Parliamentary Bioethics Committee.
    • Creation of a National Commission of Assisted Reproduction.
    • On Education in Bioethics.
  • Rapporteur of the following Laws:
    • General of Health (1994).
    • General of Drugs (1994).
    • Criminal Law (in Commision) 1993.
    • Voluntary Pregnancy Termination.
    • Genetically Modified Micro-organisms.
    • Annual General Budgets of the State, etc.
  • Within the European Union (1991-1994):
    • Member of the Human Genome Analyse Programme (ESLA Group: Ethical, Social and Legal Aspects) and co-author of the final Rapport.
  • Within the Interparliamentary Union (Madrid, 1995)
  •       Rapporteur of the report "Bioethics: An International Challenge for the Protection of Human Rights", and co-author of the finaly addopted Document
  • Within the COUNCIL OF EUROPE (1986-1996)
  • - CHAIRMAN Of the Subcommission   of Bioethics 1991-96

  •               - General rapporteur On Bioethics of the Parliamentary Assembly from the year 1990 to 1996, and REPRESENTATIVE on the Steering Committee of Bioethics.

                  -Co-author in the final draft of the Recommendation 1,046, on "use of human embryos and fetuses with diagnostic, therapeutic, industrial and commercial purposes ", adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly on 24 September 1986.  

                    AUTHOR AND SPEAKER:  

                 * The reports of 1986 and 1990 on the elaboration of an International Convention to Biotechnology and Biomedicine concerning de human rights (it is known as Bioethics Convention of Asturias) in accordance with human rights. I proposed it formally in Asturias (March, 1991) to the Commission on Science and Technology of the Council of Europe, which met in the Principality of Asturias with representatives of 17 countries. I also proposed, in 1994, that the Convention was opened for signature in Asturias, which occurred on 4 April 1997 (signed 21 countries) and it is in force in Spain since 1,1,2000.

                * The Report on the "scientific research on human embryos and fetuses" (Doc. 5943), which would lead to the Recommendation 1,100 on the same subject, adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly on 3/2/89.

                * A clinical autopsy report (approved 1993)


                   * Proposition on the health of the people of the sea.

                      * Proposition on individual aspects of economic, social and health care to the climacteric (1994).

                      * Proposition on human genetic patents (approved,1994)

                 REPRESENTATIVE of the Council of Europe in:

                   * International Conference on Drugs (Paris, 1987).

                   * Meeting (hearing) on the proceedings with preembriones rights (Paris, 1989). Interventions on my report on progress with regard to this matter.

                   * Parliamentary and Scientific Conference in Ottawa (Canada), 11-14 June 1990. Intervention on atmospheric pollution and ozone layer

                  * Meeting on health and environmental effects of the radiation released in the Chernobyl accident (Budapest, November 1991). Intervention on genetic damage, malformations, termination of pregnancy and cancer.

                 * Meeting of the Office of Scientific and Technical Advice (STOA) of the European Union. Intervention on the Convention on Bioethics (Paris, 1993)

                 * Two meetings of the French National Committee for Life and Health Sciences (Paris, 1993 and 1994). Interventions on the activities of the C. E. and on the Spanish biolaws

                *European Symposium on "Genetic Engineering and ethics" (Strasbourg, 1994).Closing Intervention.



     a) Professional Publications (excerpted)  

    Author of several books and other numerous publications and collaborator in texts of other authors, among others:

    -Total hip prothesis, Gijón 1969 PRINTEX Booklet.

    - First Aid. Aspects of disclosure. Editorial Stella, 1973 Book.

    -Chronic lesions of the cervical disks. Intersomatic arthrodesis: own technique with acrylic cement. Editorial Stella, 1974.

    -Nutrition and physical effort. The Industry, Gijón 1976 Booklet.

    -Sophrology medical and sport. Offset Industry, 1977. Book.

    -Sport and health. The medicine in the psycho-physical effort. Offset Industry,1979 Book

    -First National Congress of family planning. Offset "The Industry", 1983 Book.

    -Report of the Special Commission for the study of in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination. Book. Publications of the Congress of Deputies.Edit. GALEA S.A., 1987.

    -Spanish Biolegislacion and Council of Europe. Analogies. Editorial Stella, 1989. Book.

    -Assisted Reproduction. Discourse and resource. Editorial Stella, 1990. Book.

    -Some biological aspects, legal and ethical issues (note: with reference to the nuclóvulo).El País. 16.4.2000 Opinion.

    -Bioethics 2000   (coordination and article). Nobel editions, Oviedo 2000. Book.

    -Science and Society. The New Millennium Forum Overview of Science and Technology in Portugal and Spain. Madrid 8.11.2001

    -The nuclovulo, a new cell II World Congress of Bioethics, Gijón 30 Sep-4 Oct. 2002. Publications SIBI.

    -I am my dignity. Euthanasia and assisted suicide. Librosenred Editorial. 2009 Book.

    -"Evolution and violence. The Captive Society. Research Notebooks Forum Jovellanos, 2008 Book.

    -The Convention of Asturias of Bioethics. Magazine Law and the Human Genome, No. 7, 1997.

    -The Convention ofBioethics Convention of Asturias. Library of the UNAM Legal Research Institute

    -Bioethics and scientific topics of media interest. Journal of Law and the Human Genome nº 26, 2007

    -Bioethics Culture. System, No. 162,163, July 2001.

    -The Bioethics as an instrument. International Congress on Human Rights. The challenges of human rights today. Edit. Dykinson SL 2006.

    -Embryos, stem cells, Ethics and Law.Inaugural Conference in the Library of Alexandria. October 2002.

    -The cloning: bioethical considerations. Ethics and cloning. Valencian Foundation of Advanced Studies, 2002.

    -Toward the Century of bioethics. Meetings of the philosophy of Gijón. Gustavo Bueno Foundation 1998.

    --Law on Assisted Reproduction Techniques (35/88); from 1998 to 2005.

    - Assistance to the death with dignity and Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (the Bioethics Convention of Asturias) Seeks to 2011.

    - Banks of umbilical cord. Donation and depot. Editorial  Círculo Rojo, 2011. Book.

    - How to democratize the scientific activities. Forum, Magazine of the Council of Europe 1993.


    -Transfer of nuclei and cloning. A new cell: The nuclóvulo. Magazine Ventus. Edit. Ephemera, 2013.

    -Ethics and Science. Publication of Forum Jovellanos, 2015 Libretto.

    -The injured cell. Dolly the sheep and the nuclovulo. 2016 Edit. Red Circle. Book

  • - Why cloning in Non-human Mammalians fail? (2017).  (attached here below)

  •        Analogy with the publications:

          *Why cloning in Mammalians fail?. Magazine of The Official College of Medical Doctors of Asturias (Spain)  April 2017

          *Cloning. Fails and Bioethics. Journal of Argentinien Jurisprudence. May 2017


     b) Literary Publications

    -Evolution and violence: the captive society (essay). Publications Research Notebooks Forum Jovellanos. Gijón (Spain)

    -I prefer the Queen (book of short stories) Editorial Didot. Madrid 2014:* My Life With Yanet when Sofia cam *I Prefer the Queen* Visits

           * The Mimo * The Thief and the Lady* The divine operating room

    -The Legend of the Creteforge (novel) Edit. Punto Didot. Madrid 2015

     -I AM GOING. NO ONE WITHIN ME (poems) Editorial Passion for books, Decembre 2016

      7. LECTURES

  • -Participant in many speeches, courses, conferences, etc. regarding Bioethics.
  • In Spain: Madrid, Alcala de Henares, Barcelona, Gerona, Sabadell, Palma de Mallorca, Mahón, the Palms, S. Cruz de Tenerife, Santander, River basin, Segovia, Palencia, Avila, Salamanca, Valladolid, Leon, Ponferrada, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Almeria, Jaén, Cadiz, Baeza, Linares, Jerez de la Frontera, Baza, Pamplona, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Alicante, Valencia, Ceuta, Gijón, Oviedo, Avilés, Zaragoza, Corunna, Santiago de Compostela, Orense, etc.
  • -In other countries: Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Strasbourg (France), Dublín (Ireland), London (United Kingdom), Lisbon (Portugal), Budapest (Hungary), The Prague (Czech Rep.), Athens (Greece), Vienna (Austria), Bern (Swiss), Brussels (Belgium), Malta, Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Milan, Palermo, Sicily, Trithis (Italy), Mexico D.F. (Mexico), Caracas (Venezuela), Bogota, Medellín (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Havana (Cuba), Brazilia and Foz de Iguazu (Brazil) and Alexandria (Egypt), invited to the speeches at the Inauguration of the Library of Alexandria (18th october 2002


  • 1979-1983 Vicemayor of the City Council of Gijón. President of the Commission of Health.
  • 1982 Regional Deputy.
  • 1982-1996 DEPUTY in the Spanish Parliament, Cortes Generales (Madrid).
  • -Member of the Commissions of Social Policy and Employment, of the Health, of the Woman, the Drug and Foreing Affairs.
  • -President of the Special Commission of Study on the Human In vitro Fertilization and the Artificial Insemination of the Congress of the Deputies (1985-1986).
  • Author of the Closing report of the Commission, approved by Plenary Session of the Congress the 10 of April of 1986. (Published in 1987)
  • -President of the Mixed Commission of Scientific research and Technological Development (Plan I+D). 1994-1995. Organizer of Days of Opening of the Parliament to the Society:
    • On molecular Biology (tribute to Severe Ochoa), May 1995.
    • On scientific research and mass media, November 1995.
    • President of the Parliamentary Committee of Bioethics (1995) (Congress-Senate).
  • -Rapporter in the following laws:
    • Law of voluntary interruption of the pregnancy, 1985.
    • General law of Health, 1986.
    • Law of the Drugs, 1990.
    • Law of confined use, voluntary liberation and commercialization of microorganisms manipulated genetically, in order to prevent the possible risks to the human health and the environment, 1994.
    • Law of General Budgets of the State (sections Ministry of Sanidad and Insalud), every year from year 1,986 to 1.996.
    • Penal code (on articles related to the genetics and the attended reproduction)1993
  • -Author and Rapporter of following legislative texts (approved):
    • Proposal not of law for the creation of a National Commission on Techniques of Assisted Reproduction (1986).
    • Proposal not of law on regulation of the sanitary Centers that make the Techniques of Assisted Reproduction (1986).
    • Proposal of Law on Techniques of Assisted Reproduction (Law 35/1988).
  •      Proposal of Law on use of embryos and human fetuses or their cells, weaves or organs (it includes genetic engineering). Law 42/88
  •      Proposal not of law of regulation of the profession of the laboratory technicians (1989).
  •      Proposal not of law of arrangement of the profession of technicians in radiology (1989).
  •      Proposal not of law of hiring by the CSIC of national investigators ad honorem of recognized prestige (1995).
  •      Proposal not of law to distribute knowledge of Bioethics in the different levels from education (1995).
  •      Proposal not of law for the creation of a Parliamentary Committee of Bioethics (1995). It was first in the history of the Spanish Parliament.


         Awards and Medals:

  • -Medal and Credential of National Health Civil Order (1986).
  • -Creativity Award of the Law Chamber of the Spanish Parliament (Antena3-radio, 1988).
  • -Silver Medal of the Regional Government of the Principality of Asturias(1992).
  • -Pro-Merit Medal of the Council of Europe, Mention as Honorary Member of Parliament (1997) .
  • -Silver Medal of the Medical Association of Madrid (1998).
  • -Plate in the building of the European Farmacopea (Meinau, France, 1994).
  • -Prize (Plate) Finalist to Spanish political-sanitary Personality (1994, Edimsa).
  • -Prize “Severo Ochoa” of Aula of Peace (2002).
  • -Prizes of La Nueva España journal (2002), Televisión Gijón (2003), Conference Center (2004) and Golden "Woodshoe" of the Asturian Center of Seville (2004).
  • -Honor President of the Fertility Association AFAI, Spain (1987).
  • -Member of the Consultative Council of the Official Journal of the Spanish Society of Fertility (1998), of the Latin American Journal of Fertility and Human Reproduction and of the Writing Committee of the Journal TIEMPO (1999).
  • -Member of the Advisory Council of BIOETHICS JOURNAL in Latinoamerica (Colombia, 2002), and of the Advisory Council of journal HUMANITAS Medical Humanities (2003).
  • -Member of the Council of Sciences and Arts of the Principality of Asturias (2001).
  • -Member of the Foundation “Foro Jovellanos” of Gijón (Mars 2005)
  • -Adopted son of the city of GIJÓN (november 2005).
  • -Award Exemplary Citicen of Gijón (2013)
  • -Gold Medal of the European Forum Cum Laude (May 2015)
  • -Prize to the Professional Path by the General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (11 October 2016 Madrid)