Juan Ramón Lacadena (Spain)

Incumbent of the Genetics Chair and Director of the Genetics Department of the Biology Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid. Spanish Genetics Association: Secretary (1973-1985), President (1985-1990). Corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of the Spanish Institute (June 1984). Member of the National Commission of Human Assisted Reproduction (10997). Textbooks: "Vegetal Genetics: Basics of its Application" (1970), "Genetics" (4th edition, 1988), "Genetic Problems for a General Course" (1988), "Cytogenetics" (1996). Scientific research ("Chromosome Behaviour"): 101 articles and books. Genetics and Bioethics: 50 publications, dealing with topics such as "human embryo", "human genetic nature", "human genetic manipulation", "Human Genome Project", "human gene patenting", "gene therapy", "cloning", "transgenics", "science and belief", etc. Regular co-operator of the Bioethics Chair of the Pontifical University of Comillas, Madrid. Scientific dissemination of topics regarding Human Genetics and Bioethical Aspects of Genetics and its Applications.