Svitlana Pustovit (Ukraine)

PhD in Biology, MA in Philosophy, Associated Professor of Philosophy Department, Scientific secretary of Ethics committee, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate education named after P.L. Shupyk, Kyiv, Ukraine (Dorogozhyts’ka str, 9, Kyiv 04112, Ukraine).

President of Ukrainian Association on Bioethics, Rep in Ukraine of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (FAB), The International Global Bioethics Network, Foundation for Genetic Medicine (FGM); member of European Society of Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care (ESPMH); expert UNESCO in bioethics.

Pustovit is an author more than 100 articles in biology, philosophy of science and bioethics including monograph (co-author: V. Kulinichenko) “Bioethics: Beginnings and Foundations”, Kyiv: Public House “Sphera”, 2002.

She is co–author of “Ethic code of Ukrainian physician”.– Kyiv: Sphera, 2002.

Translator from English into Russian and editor of V.R. Potter “Bioethics: bridge to the future” (2002).

She was a head of organizing committee of 4 International Symposia on bioethics, Kyiv, Ukraine (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006) and 3 International bioethics seminars, Kyiv, Ukraine (2002, 2004, 2006).


1988 Bachelor in Biology, Biology Faculty (Physiology of Man and Animals),

Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University (Kyiv, Ukraine).

1999 MA in Philosophy, The National University “Kiev-Mohyla Academy” (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Academic degrees,


1996 PhD in Biology, specialty «toxicology».

2009 – Doctor of Philosophy, specialty «philosophy of science».

2006 – Associate Professor of Philosophy Department.

2014 – Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics Department.

Professional experience

08.1988-12.1988 Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of AMSU (Kyiv, Ukraine).

1988-1999 junior scientist and senior scientist in Medved Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology (Kyiv, Ukraine). 

1999-2013  Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor in Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

2013-2015 – Head of the Philosophy and Bioethics Department in Odessa National Medical University (Odesa, Ukraine).

From 02.2015 till now  –  Head of Philosophy Department, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Courses taught

«Philosophical anthropology and medicine» (Shupyk NMAPE)

«Fundamentals of Biomedical Ethics"(Shupyk NMAPE)

«Ethics of Biomedical Research" (Shupyk NMAPE)

«Ethical and deontological aspects of the physician’s clinical activity" (Shupyk NMAPE)

«Socio-cultural and ethical aspects of the physician physician’s clinical activity” (Shupyk NMAPE)

«Deontology and ethics of social work" (NTU "KPI")

«Basics of bioethics and biosafety» (ONMedU)

«Basics of Bioethics and Biosafety" (ONMedU)

«Philosophy" (ONMedU)

«Deontology in medicine" (ONMedU)

"Bioethics in Social Work" (A of Kavour, Social Relations and Tourism)


Author and co-author of 7 monographs.


Total number of publications – 200

Public work

President of Ukrainian Association on Bioethics.

Ukrainian Rep of The International Global Bioethics Network and Feminist Approaches to

Bioethics (FAB).

Member of European Society of Medicine and Health Care (ESPMH),

Member of Scientific Council of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI).

Head of Commission on Ethics of Shupyk NMAPE.

Expert of UNESCO in Ukraine

Participation in projects

2000-2001 Project “Development and implementation of standards of professional ethics in health care”. This project aimed to writing of  “Ethics code of Ukrainian physicians” was created and published (Soros fund in Ukraine); role: co-investigator

2001 – Project “Analyze and development of normative base of ethics committees’ activity in medical institutions of Ukraine” (Soros fund in Ukraine); role:  co-investigator

2002 – Project “Public involvement into implementation of bioethics principles in health care and ecology” (MATRA fund, Netherland Embassy in Ukraine); role: head of the Project

2004 – Project “Ethics committees as mechanisms of public control in health care and environmental protection: experience of work in Central and Eastern Europe” (Soros fund); role: head of the Project

2005 – Seminar „The protection of human rights in the context of Biotechnology: the problems and experience of Central and Eastern Europe”, Vilnius,  22-24 September 2005; role: participant.

2006 – International seminar “Development of standards of ethics expertise as a way to qualitative and responsible practice in biomedical research and health care system: the experience of Eastern and Central Europe”, Kyiv, 22-23 April, 2006 (Soros fund in Ukraine); role: head of the Project

2015 – Project UNESCO «Scientific conference “Global Bioethics in Social Dimension”, 16-18 December 2015, Minsk, Republic Belarus; role: expert.