Carlos Mª Romeo Casabona (Spain)

Carlos Maria Romeo Casabona is a Professor of Criminal Law at the University of the Basque Country, and Director of the BBVA Interuniversity Foundation Department—Regional Government of Bizkaia of Law and the Human Genome, University of Deusto and University of the Basque Country. He is a doctor of Laws, Graduate Degree in Criminology and doctor of Medicine. He has received the highest evaluation from the Basque UNIQUAL Agency (2008) and recognised thirty years of research (ANECA). He has authored (18), co-authored (50) and edited several books (150) and articles (220), published in seven languages. He is the founder and director of the journals Derecho y Genoma Human Genome/Law and the Human Genome and Perspectivas (both bilingual), as well as the collections Studies in Criminal Law and Criminology and Law and Life Sciences Library (Comares Publishers). He has collaborated on or participated in several Spanish, European and Asian research projects. He is a member of the Commission for Control and Tracking of the Donation and Use of Human Cells and Tissues, the Spanish Bioethics Committee, the Basque Country Bioethics Advisory Committee, the Bioethics Steering Committee (Department of Legal Matters) of the European Council, the Ethics Committee of the Human Genome Organization (HUGO), the European Research Area Board (ERAB) of the European Commission (Advisory Committee of the European Commissioner of Science and Research). President of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the Basque Country Autonomous Community. He has been or is advisor to the Ministry of Health and Consumption, Science and Innovation and of the Ministry of Justice. He was a member of the National Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction and the National Assessment Commission on Research Activity; he is an ANEP and ANECA expert. He has received six honoris causa doctorates from several Latin American and Spanish universities.