February 17th

D. Jordi Camí Morell (Barcelona)

Professor of Pharmacology at Pompeu Fabra University and General Director Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)

Member of Spanish Bioethics Committee (CBE) 

Good scientific practices

Venue: Historic Building Oviedo University (Oviedo) 12 h.

March 9th

Dª. Carmen Ayuso (Madrid)

Geneticist Doctor. Associated Head of Geneticist Service and Assistant Director of Research at Jiménez Díaz Foundation

Member of Spanish Bioethics Committee (CBE)

Ethical aspects of the diagnostic and research of rare diseases

Venue: San Agustín Hospital (Avilés) 13 h.

April 28th - June 2nd

D. Carlos López Larrea (Oviedo)

Director of Histocompatibility and Transplant Unit at Hospital Universitario Central of Asturias (HUCA)

Cellular regenerative medicine expectations

Venue: Cabueñes Hospital (Gijón) 13 h..

NOTE: Moved to june 2nd 13:30 h.

May 19th

D. Juan Carlos Bada (Villaviciosa)

Director of Dairy Products Institute of Asturias (IPLA-CSIC)

New tendency in the consumption of milk and dairy products

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 20 h.

June 23rd

Dña. Ángeles Menéndez Patterson (Oviedo)

Professor of Physiology at Oviedo University

Obesity and miracle diets

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 20 h.

19th-22nd September

VII World Conference on Bioethics (Gijón)


Sres. High School Students and Teachers of Asturias

Round Table

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 20 h.

November 17th

Dña. Paz Andrés Sáenz de Santa María (Oviedo)

Professor of International Law at Oviedo University

Health-care in the International Law

Venue: Lawyers Association (Gijon) 20 h.

December 1st

D. Ángel Luis Campo Izquierdo (Gijón)

Magistrate Judge of the Court of First Instance number 8 of Gijón

Medical information according to jurisprudence

Venue: Jove Hospital 13:30 h.

Free entrance

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