February 16th

D. Antonio Fernández- Rañada (Madrid)

Professor of Electromagnetism at Complutense University of Madrid

Ethics, Science and Technology

Venue: Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos Cultural Center (Gijón) 19:30 h.

March 15th

D. José Barluenga Mur (Oviedo)

Professor of Organic Chemistry at University of Oviedo

Chemistry: molecules for life

Venue: Cabueñes Hospital (Gijón) 13:00 h.

April 19th

D. Janel Cuesta (Gijón)

Trainer. Ex-President of several Sport Associations

Sport, Coexistence and Health

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 19:30 h.

May 10th

D. Francisco Vizoso (Gijón)

Doctor at Jove Hospital

The research in the Jove Hospital

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 19:30 h.

June 1st

Dña. Emilssen González de Cancino (Colombia)

Lawyer. Externado University of Colombia

Laws and Jurisprudence in Latin America on Bioethical matters

Venue:Lawyers Association (Gijon) 19:30 h.

June 28th

Dña. Eva Lobo, D. Israel Fernández (Gijón)

D. Pablo Puente Baldomar (Psicólogo)

Siloé Foundation

Thought Dynamics and Practical applications

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 19:30 h.

September 13 th

Dña. María del Carmen Álvarez Baza (Gijón)

DUE del Servicio de Urgencias del Hospital de Cabueñes de Gijón

Suspicion of ill-treatment to the elderly that go to a hospital emergency service

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 19:30 h.


High School Students and Teachers of Asturias

Round Table

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 19:30 h.

November 29th

D. Ángel Álvarez Ramos (Madrid)

Biologist and President of Vidacor

Umbilical cord blood: Clinical utilities and future expectations

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 19:30 h.

December 11th

Dña. María del Rosario Sánchez Morales (Madrid)

UNED Professor

Social impacts of the Reprogenetics: tendencies of evolution in the new century

Venue: Jove Hospital (Gijón) 13:30 h.

Free entrance

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