February 16th

Dr. Arturo Cortina

Prof. of cardiology (Emeritus). Formerly Head of Cardiology, Central Hospital of Asturias

Cell Regeneration and Heart

March 23rd

Dña. Carmen Chamizo

LGraduate Nurse , SESPA, Gijón

History of the Institute for Child Care of Gijón

April 20th

Dr. Germán Argüelles

Doctor specialist in the GUT, Gijón

Modern diagnostics-oriented imaging studies in Medicine

May 25th

Dra. Blanca Sánchez Gimeno

Clinical Psychiatrist, SESPA, Gijón

The Age of widespread depression/li>

September 28th

Dr. José Antonio García Santaclara

SILOÉ Foundation

Caring after people: ethics, science and beliefs

October 26th

Dr. Mariano Lacort

Intensive Care specialist, Hospital of Cabueñes, Gijón

Welfare Committees of Ethics a new clinical tool

November 23rd

Students and Teachers of Secondary Education in Asturias

Looking towards the future: Discussion around Bioethicsl

December 14th

Dra. Carmen Rodríguez

Chairwoman of the Medical Association of Asturias

The medical act: Profiles of the doctor-patient relationship

Place: Headquarters of SIBI
Plaza del Humedal nº 3 (Building "Gota de Leche")
33207 GIjón (Spain)
Time: 20:00 p.m.
Free Access