January 25th

D. José A. de Mesa Basan (Madrid)

Secretary of Spanish Committee of Cooperation with UNESCO

UNESCO in Spain

February 22nd

Dña. Yolanda Gomez Sánchez (Madrid)

Constitutional Law Professor UNEMr. Member of the International Bioethics Committee in UNESCO

The right of physical autodetermination

March 22nd

Dña. Rosalba Durán (Colombia)

Dean in the Philosophy University. University of Medellin

Violence of Genre

April 26th

D. Alfredo Marcos (Valladolid)

Professor of Philosophy Department. Logic Area and Science Philosophy Valladolid University

Bioethics and debate about animal rights

June 7th (* Hospital of Cabueñes 13 h.)

Dña. Isabel Tejada (Bilbao)

Dr. Genetic and Biology. Responsible of the Molecular Genetic Laboratory Hospital of Cruces, Baracaldo

Genetic test: applications and risks

September 27th ( *Hospital of Jove 13 h.)

Dña. Francesca Vidal (Barcelona)

Dean of Cellular Biology. Autonomic University

The genetic diagnostic Preimplantatory: actual framework , border indications and future perspectives

October 16th

D. Felipe Prósper (Pamplona)

Head doctor of Clinical Unity of transplant and cellular manipulation. Navarra University

Cellular therapy with adult stem cells in cardiovascular disease

November 15th

Dña. Mª Ángeles del Brío (Asturias)

Titular Professor of the Medicine University. Oviedo University

The right of the privacy in the life Science

November 29th

Students - and Teachers of High School

Round Table Respects to the V World Conference on Bioethics

December 13rd

D. José Antonio Souto (Madrid)

Dean of Ecclesiastical Right. Complutense University

Bioethics and Human Rights

Lugar: Headquarters of SIBI. Plaza del Humedal 3. 33205 GIjón
Hour: 20 hrs. Free entrance
* The Conference of 7th June will take a place in the Cabueñes Hospital (Gijón) at 13
* The Conference of 27th September will take a place in the Jove Hospital (Gijón) at 13 h