February 7th (*Lawyers Association of Gijón)

D. Xavier O'Callaghan Muñoz (Madrid)

Magistrate of the Supreme Court

Assisted human reproduction and the civil Law: the filiation

March 27th (* Jove Hospital 13 h.)

Dña. Ana Veiga (Barcelona)

Biologist. Director of the Regenerative Medicine Center of Barcelona (CMRB)

Stem Cells: Regenerative Medicine

April 17th

D. José A. Flórez Lozano (Asturias)

Professor of Sciences of Health. Oviedo University

Happiness, humor and ageing

May 15th ( * Cabueñes Hospital 13 h.)

D. Jesús Herrero (Pamplona)

Director of Cardiovascular Surgery. University Clinic of Navarra

Cardiac regeneration: possibilities and clinical experience

June 13th - 14 th

Scientific Committee Meeting

With the participation of the new member Michèle Stanton-Jean (Canada) y Svitlana Pustovit (Ukraine)

September 18th

D. Fernando Abellán (Madrid)

Lawyer. Sanitary Law Consultancy

Bioethics and Legal Challenges created by Genetic Embryonic Medicine

October 30t

D. Rogelio García Suárez (Asturias)

President ALCER Asturias

Problems of the renal disease from the point of view of ALCER

November 20th

High School Students and Teachers

Round Table

The food crisis, causes and alternatives

December 18th

D. Pablo Menéndez Buján (Granada)

Director Andalusian Bank of Stem Cells

Stem Cells and cancer: importance of the scientific hypothesis in the correct approach to a biomedical project

Place: Headquarters of SIBI. Plaza del Humedal 3. 33207 GIjón
Time: 20 hrs. Free entrance
* The Conference of 7th February will take place in The Lawyers Association of Gijón at 20 h.
* The Conference of 27th March will take place in Jove Hospital (Gijón) at 13 h.
* The Conference of 15th Mayo will take place in Cabueñes Hospital (Gijón) at 13 h.