February 25th

D. Gustavo Bueno (Oviedo)

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy. Oviedo University

Scientific fundamentalism and Bioethics

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 20 h.

March 4th

D. César Nombela (Madrid)

Professor of Microbiology. Faculty of Pharmacy. Complutense Univesity of Madrid. Member of Spanish Bioethics Committee (CBE)

Bioethics and new biomedical technologies. It is possible to review the concept of human dignity?

Venue: Cabueñes Hospital (Gijon) 13 h.

April 15th

D. Ricardo de Lorenzo (Madrid)

Lawyer. Member - Director De Lorenzo Lawyers

The right of access to medical history

Venue: Lawyers Association (Gijon) 20 h.

May 13th

D. Jose Luis Mediavilla (Oviedo)


Attributability and responsibility in the mental disease

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 20 h.

September 9th

Dña. Espido Freire (Madrid)


Cruelty and beauty: an approach to the ethics of the aesthetic

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 20 h.

October 7th

D. Volnei Garrafa (Brasil)

Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair and PhD in Bioethics Brasilia University. President Latin American Division of the SIBI

Dialogues from the South: Coloniality and Intervention Bioethics

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 20 h.

October 27th

Dña. Carmen Ayuso (Madrid)

Geneticist Doctor. Associate head of the Genetic Service and Sub-director of research at the 'Jimenez Diaz' Foundation

Ethical aspects of the diagnostic and research of rare disease

Venue: San Agustin Hospital (Avilés) 13 h..

NOTE: By reasons of agenda change to Lessons Cycle 2011

November 11th

High School Students and Teachers of Asturias

MRound Table

Sustainable Development

Venue: Headquarters of SIBI 20 h.

November 24th

D. Javier Romañach (Valencia)

Forum of Independent Life

Bioethics and Human Rights in the functional diversity (disability)

Venue: Integrated Municipal Center of El Llano (Gijon) 20 h.

Collaborate Hospital of Red Cross (Gijón)

December 10th

D. José Jerónimo Navas (Madrid)

Director Carlos III Health Institute

ISCIII. La ética en la asignación de recursos

Venue: Jove Hospital (Gijón) 13 h..

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