•     * Anual Lessons Cycles of the SIBI 



  • Annual Lessons Cycles of the SIBI  are made since 2003, even though 2 lectures were conducted in the year 2001.


      Personalities from the world of scientific, medical, biological, legal, philosophical, technological, bioethical and other areas of knowledge, Asturian (especially young people and teachers of IES public and private secondary education of the educational program of the SIBI, and specifically speakers of Gijón), national (Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Leon, Valladolid, Palencia La Coruña, Bilbao and Pamplona) and abroad (Germany, United States Korea, Colombia (Bogota and Medellin), Brazil (Brasilia) and Austria).

The Conference provides debate and deliberation, taking into account that the SIBI is not a political nor religious, scenario open to the public in general and followed by discussion.

       Conferences are disseminated and advertised through cards or brochures, through the website www.sibi.org  and in the local and regional media the day before each Conference.

       With the passage of time the number of conferences was increasing  that were intended to approximate their content to more people outside the headquarters of the SIBI, collective and concrete. Thus, they were taught also at the Hospital of Jove and sanitary residence of Cabueñes in Gijon, in the bar of Gijón, in the Ateneo de la Calzada, in the centres municipal integrated Pumarin "Gijón South" and plain, in the University of Oviedo, in Hospital Monte Naranco Oviedo, in the Hospital San Agustín de Avilés , in the enclosure Ferial Luis Adaro of Gijón, in the idea to offer lectures in the future in other places of Gijón and Asturias, according to the possibilities.

    Admission to the lectures is free. 
* The lectures have been developed in the events Hall of the headquarters of the SIBI, and also in:  

-Residencia Sanitaria de Cabueñes, Gijón. 8
-Hospital de Jove, Gijón. 8
-Centro Municipal Integrado de Pumarín. 1
-Hospital de San Agustín, Avilés.
-Universidad de Oviedo. 3
-Cajastur, Oviedo. 1
-Colegio de Abogados, Gijón. 5
-Colegiata de San Juan Bautista, Gijón. 5
-Centro Municipal Integrado de El Llano. 3
-Hospital Monte Naranco, Oviedo. 1
-Ateneo de la Calzada. 1
-Colegiata de San Pedro, Gijón. 1
(con la Fundación G. Bueno)  
-Hospital de Jarrio 1
-FIDMA (Recinto Ferial Luis Adaro, Gijón) 5
Palacio de Congresos  

    *Addition to its Board of Trustees, for the development of the conferences the Scientific Committee of the SIBI had the support of Cajastur, the Fundación Ramón Areces, Cofas (Cooperative Bussines pharmaceutical of Asturias) and the General Board of the Principality of Asturias.