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Communications Submission Policy

Important dates

  • Opening of sending communications: January 8th, 2024
  • End of communication submission deadline: April 5th , 2024
  • Notification of admitted communications :   April 12th , 2024
  • Start of the Congress: May 13th , 2024

General Rules

1- The papers to be presented will deal with the theme of the XII World Congress on Bioethics «Gene Editing. CRISPR. Bioethical and Legal Aspects». However, free communications on any Bioethics topic may be considered for presentation in poster format (poster or multimedia).
2- Only original papers that have not been previously published will be accepted.
3- The maximum number of authors will be 10, including the main author or presenter of the paper, who must be indicated.
4- The authors and/or presenters of the communication must be registered in the Congress before May 1, 2024.
5- Accepted papers may be presented in poster (multimedia presentation or printed poster) or oral format.
6- The language of the Congress is Spanish and English, all papers will be submitted in either of the 2 languages.
7- All notifications will be made via e-mail so it will be an essential requirement to indicate the e-mail address of the main author or presenter of the communication.
8- With the notification of acceptance via e-mail, the steps to follow for the elaboration of the poster or multimedia presentation will be indicated.
9- The papers will be published in the Congress media (digital book of abstracts) for which the authors will cede the copyright to the Congress Organization.
10- A certificate will be issued for each paper, which will be sent after the Congress by e-mail to the main author or presenter.

Submission of the abstract implies acceptance of the rules. Abstracts that do not comply with the rules will be rejected.
The result of the evaluation of the abstracts by the Evaluation Committee will be final.

Presentation Communications

Content and Format

1- Abstracts should consist of:
AUTHORS: lead author or presenter and co-authors, with their places of work.
TITLE: concise, in capital letters and without abbreviations.
CONTENT: it should be structured in: objectives, material and methods, results and conclusions.
2- The names of the authors and work centers should be reflected. The order in which the authors are listed will be used for the subsequent edition of the certificates of communications, as well as in the publications where the papers appear.
3- The abstract should have a maximum of 400 words, including all the sections. Times New Roman font, size 12, justified alignment. No blank lines should be left between paragraphs.
4- Abstracts should include bibliographical references at the end, which should not be counted within the 400 words and should be included in a separate document, as well as graphs, tables, etc., placing them within the context of the paper.
5- It is recommended to carefully review the work before sending it, since once the evaluation period begins, no changes in the order of authors or modifications are allowed.

Abstract Submission

The abstracts will be sent to the e-mail address of the Technical Secretariat of the Congress bioetica@sibi.org following the indicated rules.

The Secretariat will immediately send an acknowledgement of receipt of the communication indicating the assigned reference number. If you do not receive the notification by e-mail, and after checking your spam folder, please contact the Technical Secretariat (bioetica@sibi.org) to verify that your paper has been sent correctly.